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Getting Started with Maple

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Getting Started with Maple

This webinar is designed for the user who comes to Maple for the first time. It will demonstrate how to get started by clarifying the user interface and the ways math can be entered and worked with in Maple. Coverage includes:
  • Entering mathematical expressions and interacting with them in a syntax-free way.
  • The difference between input in mathematical notation and "linear" or text form.
  • The role of the Context Panel system for interacting with mathematical objects.
  • Graphing and interacting with various types of graphs, including animations, surfaces, and implicit plots.
  • Use of built-in tools such as Assistants, Tutors, and Task Templates.
  • The Maple help system and the Maple Portal.
  • Introduction to differential equations and matrix manipulations.

Langue: English
Durée: 56 Minutes
Related Terms: Getting-started

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