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Advanced Maple Programming Techniques

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Advanced Maple Programming Techniques

Learn from the experts in this session on advanced Maple programming techniques. Maple is a very powerful programming language which offers sophisticated tools for the modern programmer. In this session, you’ll see a number of techniques that can be used to develop robust, efficient, maintainable solutions to your problems. Topics include structuring your code, making the best use of Maple’s data structures, and programming for efficiency. You’ll also learn about Maple’s parallel computing tools, which allow you to take full advantage of the processing power of your computer.

- Darin Ohashi, Senior Kernel Developer, Maplesoft
- Paul DeMarco, Director of Development, Maple and Maple T.A., Maplesoft
- Erik Postma, Senior Architect, Mathematical Software, Maplesoft

*This webinar was presented as a part of the Maplesoft Virtual Event Conference that took place in February, 2014.
Langue: English
Durée: 55 Minutes
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