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How Systems Engineers can get the Collaboration They Need

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Paul Goossens and Bharani Mohan

How Systems Engineers can get the Collaboration They Need

Collaboration is essential for engineering design organizations, but it isn’t easy - especially with a sharp uptick in distributed work environments. As companies adopt digital transformation strategies in 2020, systems engineers are at risk of being impacted greatly if they can’t get the input they need from stakeholders.

For SE processes to take full advantage of the digital transformation, stakeholders need easy ways to collaborate around the systems model as an “authoritative source of truth” for their projects. For non-SE stakeholders, typical SE tools won’t suffice - they are too complicated for every stakeholder to develop expertise.

MapleMBSE is a systems engineering tool designed to bring stakeholders together for SE projects, offering task-specific workflows that use familiar, spreadsheet-based interfaces. In this webinar, learn how to get the buy in you need for system engineering projects by using MapleMBSE, and see how MapleMBSE is used to easily perform common SE tasks.
Langue: English
Durée: 57 Minutes
Related Terms: Engineering, Systems-engineering, Mbse, System-level-modeling, Model-based-systems Engineering, Excel, Spreadsheet

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