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Visualization updates in Maple 2016 include colorscheme options and many new visualizations for Statistics, Data Analysis, and Thermophysical Data. The default orientation for 3-D plots has also been updated.


Color Schemes

Statistics Visualizations

Psychrometric Charts and Pressure-Temperature-Enthalpy Charts

3-D Plot Orientation

Color Schemes

The colorscheme option for plots offers new functionality in Maple 2016.


The colorscheme option is now supported by most visualization commands in Maple, including plots:-display.

Additions to Gradient Schemes

New "xgradient" and "ygradient" schemes have been added, to allow gradients in the x and y directions, as well as the default z direction. See the plot/colorscheme/gradient help page for more information.

Coloring with Functions of Coordinate Values

New "zcoloring" and "xyzcoloring" schemes allow you to color 3-D surfaces using functions of the x, y, and z values of your plot. See the plot/colorscheme/coordinates help page for more information.

Partitioning the Data by Value

The new "valuesplit" color scheme allows you to partition the data and assign colors based on associated values or ranges of values. See the plot/colorscheme/valuesplit help page for more information.

Statistics Visualizations

There are several new visualizations in Statistics for Maple 2016 including GridPlot, Biplot, ScreePlot, and heat maps, a means of visualizing tabular data using a color spectrum to quickly gain insight into variation within the data.

The following command builds a matrix M for which the M__i,j entry is the reciprocal of the greatest common divisor.

There are also two new plots that relate to Principal Component Analysis:




Psychrometric Charts and Pressure-Temperature-Enthalpy Charts

As a part of the new ThermophysicalData package, Maple 2016 now generates psychrometric charts for humid air, and pressure-enthalpy-temperature charts for a range of fluids.

3-D Plot Orientation

Three dimensional plots have a new default orientation, [55, 75, 0]. You can change the orientation of a plot using the orientation option (see plot3d/option) or the plot toolbar.