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Sample Maplet Application: QR Decomposition

This worksheet demonstrates how to write a Maplet application that functions similarly to the LinearAlgebra[QRDecomposition] Maplet application available in the Maplets[Examples] package. It is designed for experienced Maple authors.


The QRDecomposition Maplet application provides a graphical interface to the LinearAlgebra[QRDecomposition] function.

The QR decomposition of a matrix M is a decomposition of that matrix into two matrices, Q and R, being the orthonormal (unitary) and upper triangular factors, respectively.
By using user input, this procedure returns the calling sequence required to find the matrix norm or evaluates the result.


Thus, the Maplet application requests:

1.  Whether to perform a full QR factorization.

1.  The output, one of: Q; R; Q and R; the rank; or Q, R, and the rank.

2.  Whether the matrix is real-valued.

3.  Whether the upper triangular factor R should be given upper triangular shape and storage.

4.  Whether the matrix(ces) are read-only.

3.  Whether the result is to be evaluated (or the calling sequence is to be returned).

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