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LieDerivative - Maple Help
When the expression has no free indices, the Lie derivative is equal to only the first term of the right-hand-side, and when has more than one contravariant or ...
LieDerivative - Maple Help
If X is an algebraic expression then LieDerivative(X, vf) is the directional derivative vf(X) of X in the direction of the vector field vf.
LieDerivative - Maple Help
If T is a Maple expression, then LieDerivative(X, T) is the directional derivative X(T) of T in the direction of the vector field X. · If T is a vector field, ...
Lesson 5: Query (Lie Algebra properties) - Maple Help
A list of vectors S defines a basis for a Lie subalgebra if [x, y] in span(S) for all x, y in S. The list S is a basis for an ideal in the Lie algebra g if [x,y] ...
calculate the Lie derivative of a vector field, differential form, tensor ...
The Lie derivative can be calculated for tensors on a Lie algebra. Use LieAlgebraData and DGsetup to initialize a Lie algebra.
Lesson 4: Lie Algebra Homomorphisms - Maple Help
Homomorphisms between Lie algebras are defined using the Transformation command. To define some Lie algebra homomorphisms, we first initialize Lie algebras Alg1 ...
Lesson 4: Lie Brackets and Lie Derivatives - Maple Help
Overview. In this lesson, you will learn to do the following: – · LieBracket. The Lie bracket of two vector fields is computed using the LieBracket command. >.
Lie - Maple Help
The Lie derivative of the differential form form is constructed with respect to where n is the number of coordinates.
Lesson 1: Creating Lie Algebras - Maple Help
A list Gamma of independent (over the real numbers) vector fields defines a Lie algebra if for each pair of vectors X, Y in Gamma, the Lie bracket [X,Y] is a ...
LieAlgebra Lessons - Maple Help
Calculate the structure equations for the Lie algebra of all strictly upper triangular matrices. –. Calculate sl(3) ...