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Adding Attached Shapes from an External File

To create a realistic depiction of a 3-D model, you can add shapes from an .stl file that you attach to your model. The .stl geometry is displayed in your 3-D model after you run a simulation.

To add attached shapes from an external file:


In the Library Components tab ( ) on the left side of the MapleSim window, expand the Multibody palette, and then expand the Visualization menu.


Drag a CAD Geometry component into the model workspace and connect it to a component for which you want to display the attached shape.


Select the CAD Geometry component that you added.


In the Properties tab ( ), from the Image Attachment drop-down list, select new attachment.


Browse to and select the .stl file that you want to attach.


Click Attach...  In the Properties tab, the file name is displayed in the Image Attachment drop-down list and the file is attached to the model.


From the Image Attachment drop-down list, select the file. The .stl file is now associated with the CAD Geometry component.


(Optional) In the Properties tab, specify other parameter values to configure display options.


Simulate your model.

In the 3-D workspace, the .stl shape is displayed in addition to the implicit geometry representing the component or connection line to which you attached the CAD Geometry component. For more information about the CAD Geometry component, see CAD Geometry.



Make sure that you connect the attached shapes directly to the components that they will be used to represent in the resulting animation.


If you place a modeling component in a subsystem, its attached shape components should also be placed in the same subsystem.


Attached shape components cannot be connected to subsystem ports.

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