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The Modelica Code Editor

The Modelica Code Editor tab ( ) is located in the Analysis window.

The right panel contains a code editor that lets you define a Modelica custom component using the Modelica programming language. It contains features such as automatic syntax highlighting, indenting, word wrapping, syntax templates, and autocompletion. To copy the Modelica custom component to your model, click Save Modelica custom component ( ). You will then find the Modelica custom component under the Local Components tab ( ) of the MapleSim window.

The Components Panel on the left side of the Modelica Code Editor contains a list of components in MapleSim. This list includes all MapleSim library components and any Add-on product components as well as all the subsystems and custom components in your current model. The Find tool in the left panel filters the component tree to only display items that match your search term.

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