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Connecting Components in the Model Workspace

To define interactions between components in the Model Workspace, you can draw a connection line between two compatible ports or between a port and a compatible connection line.

To connect modeling components


In the Model Workspace, hover your mouse pointer over a connection port. The port is highlighted.


Click the port.  The line attaches to the port.


To draw a straight line, drag your mouse pointer to another location in the Model Workspace.


(Optional) If you want to draw a line segment that is perpendicular to your first line, click a point in the model workspace and drag the mouse pointer to a different location to draw the second line segment. You can draw as many line segments as you want.


To complete the line, click another connection line or port in your model.



When your pointer is over an allowed connection location, the connection location is highlighted. Connections are only allowed between lines and components of the same domain (for example, electrical).


For more information on component domains, see Connectors Overview.


If the start and end connection points have different dimensions, the Connection dialog opens and advises you to use the Connections Manager. The Connections Manager lets you specify the connections between the ports and is useful for managing vector ports. For more information, see Using the Connections Manager.


To disable/enable the Connection dialog, click Show warning dialog ( ) in the Connections Manager. Alternatively, select Don't show this again in the Connection dialog to disable the the warning.

To cancel a line that you are drawing


Press ESC.



You can drag most two-port components directly onto a line to make a connection. The ports on the component must be compatible with the connection line. To drag a component onto a line, select the component you want to add to your model, and then drag it onto the line. When the ports of the component are properly placed, they are highlighted, and the component will be placed inline.


If you deleted a modeling component, you can connect another component to the unattached line end by dragging the new component onto it (see the following figure) or by making a connection from the port to the broken line.



You can click an unattached line end and connect it to a port (see the following figure), a connection line, or another unattached line end.



You can lay out a connection line by dragging a segment of that line in the Model Workspace. For example, if you drag the line segment as shown below


you can lay out the line as follows.

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