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MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon Overview

The MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon can be used in the modeling and simulation of pneumatic systems for system design, component sizing, and control design, with applications in construction equipment, machine design, commercial vehicle design, and more.

The library components are in the Modelon Pneumatics palette under the Library Components tab ( ).

One of the Gases components has to be placed at the top level of any model using components from this library. It defines the default values for parameters that describe the air.

For help on a component, right-click (Control-click for Mac) on the component in the palette, and then select Help. The help page for the component will open in your default web browser.

To view the original documentation for this library, click here.

Examples of the use of this library are given in MapleSim. To view an example in MapleSim, click Help, select Examples > Modelon Pneumatics Examples, and then click on an entry.

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