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Exporting a Worksheet from a Workbook

You can save a worksheet from a Maple workbook as a standalone worksheet.

Export a Worksheet from a Workbook

To save a standalone worksheet from a Maple workbook:


In the workbook, open the worksheet that you want to save as an MW file.


From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens.


Alternatively, in the Navigator palette, right-click (Control-click, on Mac) the worksheet you want to save, and from the context menu select Export as Worksheet.


Select Standard worksheet(.mw) as a file type.


Enter a filename and location. Maple automatically appends an .mw extension.


Click Save.

Note: Since you are exporting from a workbook to a worksheet, some workbook features may not work. A warning message may be displayed stating that the workbook may contain features which are not compatible with the chosen format. For example, the exported worksheet will not have saved variables or workbook metadata, and relative URI references may no longer work.

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