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Worksheet Migration Assistant


The Worksheet Migration Assistant enables you to convert a large collection of worksheets that have been written in .mws format (Classic Maple) into .mw format (Standard Maple) at once.


To convert .mws files to .mw files using the assistant:


From the Tools menu, select Assistants, and then Worksheet Migration. The Worksheet Migration Assistant dialog opens.


Choose between Scan a specified folder for .mws files (default) and Read a list of .mws files from a .txt file to determine how Maple should search for the .mws files to be translated. If you choose to use a .txt file, it should contain the path names of all files to be translated.


Enter the path to the source folder, or browse to the correct folder. You can scan the selected folder plus all sub-folders for .mws files. If you only wish to scan the folder selected, clear the check box beside Scan sub-folders.


Enter the path to the destination folder for the new .mw files, or browse to the desired folder.


Choose between converting the files to .mw format only, or converting the files and translating 1-D input into 2-D input (default).


Click Start Translation.

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