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Using the Equation Manipulator

Launching the Equation Manipulator


There are two ways to launch the equation manipulator: from the Context Panel for an equation in your document or from the Tools menu.


To launch the Equation Manipulator for an equation:


Select an equation. Ensure that the entire output is selected.


From the Context Panel, select Manipulate Equation. The Manipulate Equation dialog opens.


To launch the Equation Manipulator from the Tools menu:


1. From the Tools menu, select Tutors > Basics > Equation Manipulator.  The Enter Equation dialog opens.  


2. Enter the equation.  Click OK.


3. The Manipulate Equation dialog opens.



In the dialog, you can perform a sequence of operations on the equation. As you perform operations, the dialog displays the results.


At any point, you can undo the previous operation.


The following operations are available.


Perform algebraic operations on both sides of the equation, such as addition, multiplication, and exponentiation.


Apply mathematical functions to both sides of the equation.


Perform simplifications to either side of the equation.



Once you are finished, the equation manipulator can return one of the following:


The final equation - click the Return Result button.


All steps to get the final equation - click the Return Steps button. (This option is only available if the equation manipulator is launched for an equation.)


Nothing - click the Cancel button.

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