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Index of New Maple 13 Features

Maple 13 contains many new capabilities and improvements to existing facilities. For a summary, see What's New in Maple 13?.


The important changes in Maple 13 are described in the following topics.


New packages and modifications to pre-existing packages. For more information, see updates/Maple13/packages.


Changes to the Maple programming facilities. For more information, see updates/Maple13/programming.


Changes to the Maple language and system facilities. For more information, see updates/Maple13/language.


Expanded visualization and graphing capabilities. For more information, see updates/Maple13/graphics.


Improvements to specific applications of the Maple numeric computation environment. For more information, see updates/Maple13/numerics.


Improved efficiency through increased speed and reduced memory use. For more information, see updates/Maple13/efficiency.


Significant improvements to the suite of differential equation solvers. For more information, see updates/Maple13/de.


Significant additions and improvements to the symbolic capabilities in various Maple packages and procedures. For more information, see updates/Maple13/symbolic.


Improvements to the Maple graphical user interface (GUI). For more information, see updates/Maple13/gui.


Notes for users upgrading from Maple 12. For more information, see updates/Maple13/compatibility.



You can access the User Manual as worksheets in the Standard Worksheet interface. For Maple 13, the User Manual has been updated.  Information from the Getting Started Guide that was available in previous Maple releases is now included in the consolidated User Manual.   


From the Help menu, select Manuals, Resources, and more.


Select Manuals, and then User Manual.


The MaplePortal acts as a starting place for any Maple user. The Maple Portal includes ten new tutorials on topics such as Plotting and Data Manipulation.  From there, navigate to pages with more information for Engineers, Students, and Math Educators.

For more Maple news, tools, and tips, refer to the Maplesoft Web site