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LinearAlgebra Computation

The computation component of the Student[LinearAlgebra] subpackage contains commands that can be used to study the various matrix and vector computations presented in an introductory linear algebra course. There are many commands, and this worksheet demonstrates the basics of a selection of them.


Most of the computation commands in this package are front-ends to more powerful (and often more complicated) commands in the top-level LinearAlgebra package. In all such cases, the help page for the command in the Student[LinearAlgebra] subpackage documents only those features which are considered relevant in a linear algebra course context. Each page includes a link to the help page for the main LinearAlgebra command, should you need more details.


For further information about the commands in the Student[LinearAlgebra] package, see the help page for that command. For a general overview, see Student[LinearAlgebra].

Getting Started

Commands in the package can be referred to using the long form, that is, Student[LinearAlgebra][Eigenvalues].

It is recommended to load the package first and then use the shorter command names.



The following examples show how the various routines work.

Note: If you set infolevel[Student] := 1 or infolevel[Student[LinearAlgebra]] := 1, many of the routines in this package provide additional information about the objects they are passed in the form of userinfo messages. This setting is recommended.



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