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Use Context Panel for Plots


Use the context panel to create and modify plots, curves, and surfaces, without having to use Maple command syntax.


Create a Plot

Modify a Plot

Plot and Curve Settings

Create a Plot


Create a plot of a curve or surface using Maple defaults for initial range, style and orientation.


Click the Maple input or output that you want to plot. The context panel shows context-sensitive operations you can apply to the expression.  (To display the context panel, see Context Panel Overview.)


From the displayed context panel, select Plots and then a plot type of your choice.

Modify a Plot


Use the context panel to modify the attributes of a plot, an individual curve, or a surface. (Click one of the hyperlinks in the See Also section for more information about changing a particular attribute.)


To modify a plot:


Click the plot to select it.


a) To change an attribute of a particular curve or surface, hold the mouse pointer over it. If rollover highlighting is enabled (Options Dialog: Display tab), you will see an indication when the mouse is over the object.


b) To change attributes of the whole plot, move the mouse so that it is not over any object but still in the plot.


From the context panel, select the attribute and value you want. The plot range, style and other attributes can be changed.  Alternatively, use the plot menu from the main menu at the top of the worksheet.


Many of the attributes that are set using the context menu are remembered when you execute the plot command again.  See plot attributes for more information.

Plot and Curve Settings


Curves and other elements in a plot object can have attributes specified for them such as color, symbol, and font.  Not all curves may have all attributes specified, some may be set to default values.  The plot itself also has attributes which are used when the attribute has not been set for the individual curve. If a curve has an attribute set it is used: if not it uses the plot's attribute. When you set an attribute from the plot menu or the context panel it applies to the individual curve selected, if there is one.  If none is selected, it applies to the plot, setting the plot's default attribute.  However, setting the plot's attribute does not change the color of a curve if the curve also has an attribute set.  You may need to select the curve and change its attribute.

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