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There are several changes in Maple 2015 that make Units easier to work with.  You can now insert a unit using the following platform-specific shortcut keys:


Ctrl + Shift + U in Windows


Command + Shift + U in Macintosh


Alt + Shift + U in Linux


Unit Formatting Dialog

Change in the Display of Units

Temperature Object

Unit Formatting Dialog

The new Units Formatting dialog makes it possible to apply formatting to units. To open the Units Formatting dialog, either go to the Format menu and choose Units Formatting or simply right-click on the output of an expression and then choose Units Formatting.

Use the Units Formatting dialog to:


Set or remove the default system of units for a worksheet.


Set or remove the system of units for an execution group.


Set a unit or custom unit for the output of an execution group. (The input of the execution group must already have a unit.)

For more information, see Units Formatting.

Change in the Display of Units

In Maple 2015, the double brackets around a unit are not displayed unless you are editing the unit. For more information, see Compatibility Issues in Maple 2015.

Temperature Object

The new Temperature command returns an absolute temperature object. An absolute temperature is a measure of the amount of heat in a physical object.











temp3  Temperature35,UnitdegF