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New Math Apps in Maple 18


Animal Cell

Arc Length of Polar Curves

Area Bounded by Polar Curves

Average Value of a Function

Balancing Chemical Equations

Basic Electronic Components

Binary Numbers

Binary Signals

Boolean Algebra

Buffon's Needle Problem

Bulls And Cows

Caesar Cipher

Capacitors And Inductors

Cell Mutations

Complex Numbers

Composition of Linear Mappings

Conservation of Energy

Contour Plots

Decay Rate Comparison


Direction Fields

Escape Time Fractals

Euler's Identity

Fibonacci Numbers

Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment

Geometric Mean

Ionic Bonds

Level Curves and Cross Sections

Linear Momentum

Lines in 3-Dimensional Space

Logic Gates

Lunar Lander

Mean Value Theorem

Measures of Central Tendency

Memory Madness

Non-Transitive Dice

Number of Groups of Order N

Pascal's Triangle

Periodic Table

Polar Plots

Projection of a Vector onto a Plane

Quadratic Forms

Reciprocal Functions




Simple Rotational Machines


Solar System Scales

Solids of Revolution: Volumes by Disks

Squeeze Theorem

Stepper Motor

Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon

Surface of Revolution

The 196 Algorithm

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 6

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 8

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 10

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 12

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 13

The Book of Lemmas Proposition 14

The Book Stacking Problem

The Bridge and Torch Problem

The Doppler Effect

The Focal Property of a Hyperbola

The Focal Property of an Ellipse

The Focal Property of a Parabola

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The IS-LM Model

The Juggler Sequence

The One-Seventh Area Triangle

The Relativistic Doppler Effect

The Solow Growth Model


Varignon's Theorem

Vigenere Cipher

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