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Fit Selected: Centering a Component in the 3-D Workspace

You can center a specific component or a group of components in your 3-D model so that they appear in the center of the 3-D Workspace.  This is useful for finding specific 2-D and 3-D components in large schematics where the correspondence between the components may not be obvious.

Fit Selected works with View Change Animations, if enabled, to smoothly center on the specific component or a group of components of your 3-D model.



When using the Camera Navigation Mode Controls, use Fit Selected to ensure that the selected components are centered.


When grouping components into subsystems, make sure that you include logical component groups that fit on one screen at a time. This allows you to see all of the subsystem components without scrolling.

Note:  Fit Selected does not operate on components with initial conditions that are parametrically defined.

To center components in the 3-D Workspace:


In the Model Workspace select a component or group of compoenents, and then click Show 3-D Workspace ( ). Alternatively, you can select the component or group of components directly in the 3-D Workspace.  The selected components are highlighted.


In the 3-D Workspace, click Fit Scene ( ) from the 3-D Toolbar.  The 3-D components are centered and the magnification adjusted.


Note:  For a smooth transition to occur when switching between the 3-D orthographic and perspective views in the 3-D Visualization Area, select Enable view change animations at the bottom of the Settings panel.


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