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Exporting Simulation Graph Data

You can export simulation results to a comma-separated values file (.csv) or Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls) to work with the data in other applications.

Note: The Microsoft Excel 2007 file format (.xlsx) is not supported.

This feature exports the simulation results data for all variables currently visible in the plots in the selected plot window in the Simulation Results window. You can export the data from the Probe Plots or another plot window.

To export simulation graph data:


Select a plot window.


If you want to hide a plot or a variable so it is not included in the exported data, right-click on the plot or variable name in the Plots palette and select Toggle Visibility.


Click Export Data from Selected Plot Window ( ).


Browse to the directory in which you want to export the graph.


Enter a name for the file and click Save.

Note:  If the current plots show data from multiple simulation results, in the data file the results are stacked, that is, the second result is displayed below the first result.

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