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The tensor Package Simplification Routines





Important: The tensor package has been deprecated. Use the superseding packages DifferentialGeometry and Physics instead.


When doing computations involving tensor components, the size of a computation can grow quite rapidly due to the sheer number of quantities involved.  Also, the amount and type of simplification depends on the particular computation and the metric of the geometry involved. Thus, it is necessary for simplification of quantities to be carried out with the computation of each new component or quantity.  This is why each computation routine of the package uses its own simplification routine (where appropriate).  By redefining the simplification routines for particular routines of the package, you can customize the way simplification is done at each step of computation.


For the most part, these simplification routines are named after the routine that they are used by. The name `tensor/xxxx/simp` would be used for the simplifier used by the `xxxx` routine of the package.  However, because some of the operations are similar and because some operations call others, some of the simplification routines are shared by more than one routine of the package.  For reference, here is a table of the simplifying routines used by each procedure of the package:

    Package Routine     |       Simplifier



    Christoffel1        |   tensor/Christoffel1/simp

    Christoffel2        |   tensor/Christoffel2/simp

    Einstein            |   tensor/Einstein/simp

    Jacobian            |   tensor/partial_diff/simp

    Killing_eqns        |   tensor/lin_com/simp,

                        |   tensor/cov_diff/simp

    Levi_Civita         |           ----

    Lie_diff            |   tensor/Lie_diff/simp,

                        |   tensor/partial_diff/simp

    Ricci               |   tensor/Ricci/simp

    Ricciscalar         |   tensor/Ricciscalar/simp

    Riemann             |   tensor/Riemann/simp

    RiemannF            |   tensor/RiemannF/simp *

    Weyl                |   tensor/Weyl/simp

    act                 |           ----

    antisymmetrize      |   tensor/lin_com/simp

    change_basis        |   tensor/raise/simp

    commutator          |   tensor/commutator/simp,

                        |   tensor/partial_diff/simp

    compare             |   tensor/compare/simp

    connexF             |   tensor/connexF/simp  *

    contract            |   tensor/prod/simp

    convertNP           |   tensor/lin_com/simp

    cov_diff            |   tensor/cov_diff/simp

    create              |           ----

    d1metric            |   tensor/d1metric/simp

    d2metric            |   tensor/d2metric/simp

    directional_diff    |   tensor/dir_diff/simp

    display_allGR       |           ----

    displayGR           |           ----

    dual                |   tensor/prod/simp

    exterior_diff       |   tensor/lin_com/simp,

                        |   tensor/partial_diff/simp

    exterior_prod       |   tensor/lin_com/simp,

                        |   tensor/prod/simp

    frame               |   tensor/lin_com/simp

    geodesic_eqns       |           ----

    get_char            |           ----

    get_compts          |           ----

    invars              |   tensor/invars/simp

                        |   tensor/invars/Msimp  *

    invert              |   tensor/invert/simp

    lin_com             |   tensor/lin_com/simp

    lower               |   tensor/raise/simp

    npcurve             |   tensor/npcurve/simp

    npspin              |   tensor/npspin/simp,

                        |   tensor/npspin/spincoeff/simp *

    partial_diff        |   tensor/partial_diff/simp

    permute_indices     |           ----

    petrov              |   tensor/petrov/simp

    prod                |   tensor/prod/simp

    raise               |   tensor/raise/simp

    entermetric         |           ----

    symmetrize          |   tensor/lin_com/simp

    tensorsGR           |           ----

    transform           |   tensor/raise/simp


The simplification routines must take a single algebraic argument and return something (presumably a simpler version of the argument) of an algebraic type.


To facilitate the initialization of all of these routines (except for the ones identified by an asterisk), they are all initialized to `tensor/simp`, which is itself initialized to:

`tensor/simp` := proc(a)


 end proc:


If you find that you want to change the method of simplification done by each routine, but that most or all of the routines require the same method, you can cut down on the number of changes that need to be made by simply changing `tensor/simp` to suit the needs of most of the simplifiers, and then make any further changes for the few specific routines. Note that such automatic initialization is done only after either having defined all of the tensor functions using the command with(tensor), or having explicitly performed the initialization using the command with(tensor,name), where name is either one of the tensor package procedures or an empty list).


Once you have  customized the simplification routines for a particular problem, they can be written to a file (see ?save) so that they are easily retrievable in subsequent sessions.


For more information on the simplifier used by a particular routine, refer to the "Simplification" section of the help for that particular routine.


Important: The tensor package has been deprecated. Use the superseding packages DifferentialGeometry and Physics instead.



To what are the simplifiers initialized?


proca...end proc



proca...end proc



proca...end proc



proca...end proc


Now suppose that you want to change all of the simplifiers so that they use the Maple simplify function instead of normal.  You can accomplish this easily:

`tensor/simp`:=proc(x) simplify(x) end proc;

tensor/simpprocxsimplifyxend proc


Notice that this single change affects all of the simplifiers.


procxsimplifyxend proc



procxsimplifyxend proc



procxsimplifyxend proc


Now suppose that for the Riemann procedure, you want to simplify each component, make the substitution cos(theta)^2 = 1 - sin(theta)^2, and then factor the result. You can do this by re-defining the `tensor/Riemann/simp` procedure:

 local y;
    y:= simplify(x);
    y:= subs(cos(theta)^2 = 1 - sin(theta)^2, y);
 end proc;

tensor/Riemann/simpprocxlocaly;ysimplifyx;ysubscosθ^2=1sinθ^2,y;factoryend proc


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