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Maple Command-Line Interface Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Bindings

Shortcut Keys


Ctrl + B

Cursor Left

Ctrl + F

Cursor Right

Ctrl + A

Move to the Beginning of the Line

Ctrl + E

Move to the End of the Line

Ctrl + W

Move One Word Right

Ctrl + Y

Move One Word Left

Ctrl + ]

Move to Matching Parenthesis, Brace, or Square Bracket

Ctrl + D

Delete (to Right of Cursor), or Exit Maple (if on a Blank Line)

Ctrl + H

Backspace (to Left of Cursor)

Ctrl + X or

Clear the Line

Ctrl + G


Ctrl + K

Clear to the End of Line

Ctrl + U

Undo Changes to the Line

Ctrl + P

Previous Command From the History

Ctrl + N

Next Command From the History

Ctrl + R

Find Matching Command From the History

Ctrl + V

Toggle Insert or Overwrite Mode

Ctrl + L

Redraw the Current Prompt and Any Text Entered

Ctrl + Space or

Command Completion



Ctrl + T

Show Completion Matches

Ctrl + C

Interrupt the Currently Executing Command

Ctrl + Shift + _

Stop the Currently Executing Command in the Debugger

For more extensive information on command-line shortcut keys, see Command-Line Editing.

Notes on Selected Commands

You should be aware of some limitations on the use of Ctrl + Shift + _ (stopping the currently executing command in the debugger).


The debugger can only stop in functions; therefore, it will never stop in top-level for or while loops.


The debugger can only stop an executing command before the evaluation of a statement.  If a single statement is executing for a long time, (for example, while running built-in functionality), then the debugger will not be invoked until that statement is finished.

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