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Overview of the Instructor Help

Maple T.A.

Release 2016

Maple T.A. has three components:

  • Question Repository - collection of questions
  • Assignments - tests containing questions from the question repository with policies that control their form and availability
  • Gradebook - results of student assignments

For more information, see the Introduction to Questions, Assignments, and Gradebook in Maple T.A..

The Class Homepage is the starting point for instructors, students, and proctors. To learn more about the Class Homepage, see The Class Homepage.

The Instructor Help System in Maple T.A. includes information on:

Instructor Tasks: Chapters 1-5, Chapter 7, and Chapter 9

These chapters provide guidelines for creating and managing classes, assignments, and questions; as well as querying the Gradebook and using the system tools.

Advanced Authoring: Chapters 6

This chapter offers more advanced authoring help.

Administering Maple T.A.: Chapter 8

This chapter covers editing your profile, updating your password, and managing student accounts.

You can also visit the Maple T.A. Content Center at to download additional Maple T.A. resources.