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9.8 Deleting a Course Module

To Delete an Entire Course Module:

  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository tab.
  1. Under the Current class panel, click Course Modules.
  1. Then, select the check box next to the Course Module you want to delete, as shown in Figure 9.14. (In this case, Course Module I). A new set of options appears in a banner at the bottom.
  1. Click Delete. (Note: You can select multiple course modules to delete).

Note: This removes the record of what is included in the course module without actually deleting the class elements. Deleting the course module removes the record of the course module from the list of available course modules but does not actually remove its contents from the system.

Deleting a Course Module

Figure 9.14: Deleting a Course Module

  1. A new set of options is displayed, as shown below.
Confirming Deleting a Course Module

Figure 9.15: Confirming Deleting a Course Module

  1. Click Confirm to delete the entire course module, or Cancel to leave the course module available.

Important: To delete the contents of a course module, you must delete individual components. This procedure is described in Deleting Course Module Content.