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9.7 Adding and Deleting Elements within a Course Module

Adding Course Module Content

You can add course module components to an existing course module.

  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository.
  1. Under the Current class panel, click Course Modules.
  1. This takes you to a panel that provides an overview of that specific course module.
  1. Click the content (questions, assignments, text or themes) you are interested in further investigating.
  1. If the content has a icon next to the name, then you can drag and drop that content into the specific course module by moving it across the panels.

Deleting Course Module Content

You may want to remove specific questions, assignments, text or themes from within a course module.

  1. In the Content Repository, ensure you are in the panel of the course module content you wish to remove. (To navigate the Content Repository, follow steps 1-6 in Viewing Details of a Course Module). (In this case, All Questions was chosen).
  1. Then, select all the check boxes next to the content you want to delete, as shown in Figure 9.13. (In this case, Leg Bones and The Heart were selected as the questions to delete). A new set of options appears in a banner at the bottom.
  1. Click Delete, as shown in Figure 9.13.

Deleting Content in a Course Module

Figure 9.13: Deleting Content in a Course Module

  1. Click Confirm to delete the selected elements from the course module, or Cancel to leave the course module available.

Important: When you use this method to delete elements from a course module, the system deletes the selected element: questions, assignments, text or themes are physically deleted from the system and are unrecoverable.

Why Delete Only Part of a Course Module

If you install a course module given to you by a colleague, but want to duplicate only certain parts of the contents of that course module, for example, install only questions and web folders but not install the related assignments, you first install the entire course module, and then use the steps outlined above to remove the assignments.