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9.6 Viewing Details of a Course Module

In the Content Repository, you have the ability to expand panels (see Figure 9.12) in order to see the detailed content (assignments, questions, text, and themes) of a specific course module.

After expanding panels, you can:

  • Inspect all the individual elements contained within that selected course module. This could include: questions, assignments, text, or themes.
  • Export, share content (using the Maple Cloud, this instance, or this class), and clone content. For more information, see Exporting a Course Module.

To View the Detailed Content of a Course Module:

  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository.
  1. Under the Current class panel, click Course Modules.
  1. Click the name of the specific course module. This takes you to a panel that provides an overview of that specific course module. (In this case, Course Module I was chosen).
  1. Click the content you are interested in further investigating. (In this case, Questions was chosen).
  1. This expands that panel.
  1. Next, click All Questions to see a list of all the questions available in Course Module I.
  1. Click on a specific question from the list. This expands to the Question Summary pane of that particular question, as shown in Figure 9.12. (In this case, Course Module I).
Viewing Details in a Course Module

Figure 9.12: Viewing Details in a Course Module