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9.4 Exporting a Course Module

Use Export to save the selected course module from your source class to your hard drive. This is a required step if you want to redistribute or install your course module into a new class.

To Export a Course Module:

  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository.
  1. Click Course Modules under the Current class panel, as shown in Figure 9.9.
Course Module Panel

Figure 9.9: Course Module Panel

  1. Select the course module you want to save to your hard drive by selecting the check box adjacent to it in the Content Repository, as shown in Figure 9.10. (In this case, Course Module I).
Selecting a Course Module to Export

Figure 9.10: Selecting a Course Module to Export

  1. Click Export. The course module is prepared for download.
  1. A file download box will automatically appear and the course module is saved by default to a .zip file.