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9.2 Creating and Accessing a Course Module

To share content using a course module, first create a course module by choosing the items you wish to include. After you have created the course module, save the course module to your computer as a .zip file. You can then share the course module with others.

To Create a New Course Module:

  1. From your Class Homepage, select the Content Repository.
  1. Click Create New, then select Course Module.
  1. The Add Course Module dialog is displayed, as shown in Figure 9.1.
Adding and Naming a Course Module

Figure 9.1: Adding and Naming a Course Module

  1. Specify a name for your course module.
  1. Click Add Course Module. Now, this new course module will be added to the Content Repository.
  1. To populate a course module, you can import content (Importing and Installing a Course Module) or find the content (questions, assignments, text or themes) you are interested moving into a course module within the Content Repository. If the content has a icon next to the name, then you can drag and drop that content into the specific course module by moving it across the panels.

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To Access a Course Module:

1. From the Class Homepage, click Content Repository.

2. Under the View panel, select Course Modules.

3. This expands a new panel, where a list of current course modules is displayed. See Figure 9.2.

Accessing a Course Module

Figure 9.2: Accessing a Course Module

4. Under the Course Modules panel, click the new course module in the list. (In this case, Course Module I).

5. A new panel is created in the Content Repository named after the new course module. (In this case, Course Module I).

6. The new panel displays all the contents of the course module, as shown in Figure 9.3.

Course Module Panel

Figure 9.3: Course Module Panel