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9 Course Modules

9.1 Course Modules Overview

Course modules allow you to share your class content with others, including related questions, assignments, text and themes from the Content Repository. When you create a course module, the system packages the class elements you have identified, producing a single .zip file that can be archived or redistributed to other instructors using the system. The advantage of using course modules rather than question banks or featured classes to manage content between classes on one or more Maple T.A. servers is that the questions, assignments, text, and themes are partially or entirely portable and can be installed in a new class (even at another institution) very easily. After you create and export a course module, you can send it to other instructors who can upload it into their class and use it in its current state, or alter it to suit their needs.

Important: Using course modules is similar to the share class capability in that it allows you to share your class content; however, after a course module is distributed and installed in a new class location, it does not maintain any synchronization with the original source class or its materials.

The following options are available when working with course modules:

Table 9.1: Overview of Course Modules



Quick Help


Create and access a course module in the Content Repository.

For creating a new course module as well as accessing a course module, see Creating and Accessing a Course Module.


For adding content to a course module, see Adding Course Module Content.

View Details

Select one or more existing course modules from the Content Repository and view their individual contents: questions, assignments, text or themes.

For more information, see Viewing Details of a Course Module.



Share one or more existing course modules, or components of course modules with other users.

For sharing a course module, see Sharing and Cloning a Course Module.


Copy course modules partially or entirely for other users or into other classes.

For cloning a course module, see Sharing and Cloning a Course Module.


Upload a course module (as a .zip file) from your hard drive.

See Importing and Installing a Course Module.


Select one or more existing course modules from the Content Repository and save them to your hard drive.

For detailed information, see Exporting a Course Module.


Delete one or more existing course modules from the list in the Content Repository.

See Deleting a Course Module and Deleting Course Module Content.

More Details About Course Modules

Course modules encapsulate from the source class and allow you to reinstall questions and assignments in the destination class. The following components are preserved:

  • Relative paths to resources (for example, images and other files that are referenced by your questions and assignments).
  • All question types (including those requiring outside resources).
  • Assignment behaviors and policies.
  • Automatically links to all source content and related resources.