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5.3 Essay Questions


The Essay question type is typically used for a long answer response in Maple T.A., which could include mathematical proofs, long answer questions, and essays.


An essay question is not automatically graded by the system. No answer or feedback is immediately available upon submitting an essay question. Student responses are sent to the instructor, who assigns a grade in the Gradebook. The gradebook provides a number of marking tools, including graded annotations to assign partial credit. For information on essay questions and the gradebook, see Grading Essay Questions.


To create an Essay question:

  1. From the Class Homepage, click Content Repository in the top menu.
  1. From the Create New drop-down menu, select Question/Text.
  1. The Question Designer screen appears:
  • Enter a title for the question under the Question Name panel.
  • Enter the question in the Question Text.
  1. Click Response Area ().
  1. In the Edit Response Area dialog:
  1. Under Choose Question Type, select Essay.
  1. Weighting: Specify the weight of this response area in the overall question. (By default, the Weighting is set to 1).
  1. Max # of Words: Specify the word limit for the essay response. The default is 0, which means there is no word limit.
  1. Keywords: Optionally, define keywords and synonyms. In the gradebook, any keyword or synonym in a student's essay will be automatically highlighted. Note: You can also add keywords and synonyms during the grading process. For detailed information, see Grading Essay Questions.

i. To add keywords, click .

ii. You will be presented with the Add Keyword dialog. Here, you can add a keyword and synonyms (using commas to separate the words). Click Done when finished.

iii. To edit keywords, click it in the table (as shown below).

iv. To delete keywords, click next to the appropriate keyword.

  1. (Optional) To add, view or delete Algorithms, Hints, Feedback, and/or Information Fields, see Adding and Editing Information Fields, Hints, or Feedback, Adding and Editing Feedback, and Additional Options in the Question Editor for more details.
  1. To finish authoring the essay question, click OK.
  1. Click Save and then, click Preview to see the question.

Tip: In Preview mode, the maximum word count is displayed in the bottom right corner of the student response area. When you reach the word count limit, you cannot add additional words.


  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository.
  1. From the Create New drop-down menu, select Question/Text.
  1. The Question Designer screen appears:
  • Enter the Question Name: Degree of Polynomial Proof 1
  • Enter the Question Text: A polynomial has 153 real zeros. What does this tell you about the degree of the polynomial?
  1. Click Response Area ().
  1. Under Choose Question Type, select Essay.

6. Click Save and then click Preview to view the question. For more details, see Figure 5.4.

Essay Example Question

Figure 5.4: Essay Example Question

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Next Steps

To edit further details in the Content Repository, see Editing Question Details.