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4.2 Managing Questions

The Content Repository is the central location for managing questions. You can use the Content Repository to:

  • Create questions.
  • Preview a question.
  • View question details, including author and revisions.
  • Search for questions.
  • Organize questions.
  • Share questions.
  • Import questions.
  • Export questions.

Table 4.2 lists basic tasks you can perform in the Content Repository.

Table 4.2: Options in the Content Repository



Create New Assignment

Start authoring a new assignment. See Creating and Managing Assignments and Details on Managing Assignments in the Content Repository.

Create New Adaptive Assignment

Start authoring a new adaptive assignment. See Details on Using the Adaptive Assignment Editor.

Create New Question/Text

Start authoring a new question. See Question Authoring in the Question Editor.

Create New Theme

Define a theme (CSS) for a specific question. For more information, see Adding and Editing Themes.

Create New Course Module

Create a course module. See Course Modules.


Import content from your hard drive. See Course Modules.

View Files

Access the Class File Manager. See The Class File Manager or Uploading Images and Reference Files to the Class File Manager.