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3.3 Details on Using the Assignment Editor

Managing Questions in Assignments

Deleting Questions from Assignments

To delete questions in an assignment:

  1. From the Assignment Editor, proceed to Step 2: Select Questions.
  1. Click on the desired question to preview it.
  1. Click the icon.
  1. A dialog box appears to confirm the deletion. Click OK.

Previewing Questions in Assignments

There are two methods of previewing questions contained in assignments. You can choose to preview questions using the Content Repository or the Assignment Editor.

Previewing questions using the Content Repository
  1. From the Class Homepage, click the Content Repository.
  1. Under the Current class panel, click Assignments.
  1. Click on the name of the assignment you wish to view the contents of (questions will be displayed).
  1. Click on the name of the question you wish to preview.
  1. This expands another panel (called the Question Summary pane) with the question's details.
  1. Hover over the text box and click on the magnifying glass that appears.
  1. This opens a preview window.
Previewing questions using the Assignment Editor
  1. From the Content Repository, click Assignments under the Current class panel.
  1. Click on the assignment name whose questions you wish to preview.
  1. Click Edit to advance to the Assignment Editor.
  1. Proceed to Step 2: Select Questions.
  1. Under the Navigation pane, click the question you wish to preview.
  1. To make modifications, click the icon.
  1. Make necessary changes in the Question Designer and click Save & Close.

Configuring Question Weighting

To configure the question weighting

  1. From the Assignment Editor, proceed to Step 2: Select Questions.
  1. By default, each new question in your assignment is added with a weight of one point. To change the weighting of individual questions, change the point value in the Points column for the question. This is shown in the image below.

The Total Points at the bottom of the column automatically adjusts as you change individual question weights.

Note: The question score values you assign here apply only to Assessment-style assignments such as, Homework or Quiz, Anonymous Practice, and Proctored Exam. Mastery and Study Session Assignments do not use these settings because they employ other pedagogical scoring models.

Randomizing Question Delivery

In Step 3. Set Policies, under the Type of Assignment tab, it is possible to automatically scramble the sequence of questions delivered each time a new assignment is presented to a student.

Use the drop-down menu (shown below) to select Never, On First Attempt, or Every Attempt.

For more details, see Generate A New Question Order Option

Configuring Assignment Properties

Assignment properties are configured in the Set Policies tab of the Assignment Editor. These include:

Using Proctored Browser

You can require students to take the assignment in a mode called Proctored Browser. Proctored Browser is a full-screen mode that blocks the student from accessing external web sites or other programs on the computer while taking an assignment (note that the Proctored Browser mode supports connections to other course management systems). Proctored Browser can only be used when students are taking a Proctored Exam assignment type, provided you also selected Require Proctored Browser when generating the assignment policies (Step 3. Set Policies). For more details, see Proctored Exams. This requirement will be indicated in the policies link beside the assignment name. Also, note that it is good practice to preview and test your created assignments in Proctored Browser mode to ensure they behave as expected.

Note: Proctors can give authorization directly at the student's computer, or remotely through Proctor Tools. In both cases, the proctor must sign in using a login name and password.

Taking an Assignment using the Proctored Browser

To take an assignment in Proctored Browser mode:

  1. Log onto Maple T.A. and go to the Class Homepage.
  1. Click on an assignment to start it. (If the assignment's properties require the use of Proctored Browser, clicking on it will produce a message that a Proctored Browser must be used).
  1. Authorize the message shown in Figure 3.7 to enter full-screen Proctored Browser mode.

Authorization for Proctored Browser

Figure 3.7: Authorization for Proctored Browser

  1. During the assignment, the Proctored Browser will be in full-screen mode. This means that other computer programs or web sites cannot be accessed, unless the student presses a combination of keystrokes that will exit the full-screen (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Esc, etc.). If this happens, the student sees an on-screen message, and an email is sent to the class instructor. The student must then be re-authorized into the assignment by a proctor or instructor. Note: The Proctored Browser mode supports connections to other course management systems.
  1. When the assignment is complete, click Submit Assignment. This automatically exits Proctored Browser mode.


  1. As an instructor, if you start an assignment with Proctored Browser, you will be given the same access privileges as a student, allowing you to preview the student experience with the Proctored Browser.
  1. We recommend that the Proctored Browser be used in a monitored setting, such as an on-campus computer lab, where the use of other devices or materials is controlled. See Security Issues to Consider.
  1. We recommend that students only use the Proctored Browser for taking assignments and tests.
  1. When an assignment is taken in Proctored Browser mode, all links to image files, reference files, and external URLs will be blocked. When creating an assignment for which you require students to use a Proctored Browser, you should take care to ensure that the questions do not use any such files.

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