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2.3 Managing Proctors

You can add a proctor to your class to ensure security in exam settings. Proctors can log in to their own computer and perform proctoring duties using the Proctor Tools utility from the Class Homepage. Proctors can authorize students to start a test as well as authorize grading of a test. To authorize a student, the proctor must first verify the student's identity, and then enter the proctor password to allow the student to begin or to grade the test. A proctor can enter his or her password at the student's workstation (local authorization). Proctors also have the ability to authorize the student from their own computer (remote authorization). The benefit of using remote authorization is that the proctor does not need to enter his or her password in front of the student.

When a student attempts a test that is proctored, an Authorize screen is displayed. This screen indicates that the student requires authorization. Typically, a proctor is physically present in the same computer lab during testing sessions. When notified by the student, proctors can also conveniently authorize a student exam session from their own work station using Proctor Tools. Proctors can then notify the student(s) they are giving permission to. See Figure 2.5.

Proctor Tools

Figure 2.5: Proctor Tools

For a list of proctors in your class, select the Proctor Tools. Click Advanced Search, and select Proctor as the User Role from the drop-down menu. Click Search. A list of proctors is displayed.

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Adding a Proctor

To add a proctor to your class:

  1. From the Class Homepage, select Class User Manager.
  1. Choose Register Users.
  1. Click Search to find all users eligible for registration.
  1. To filter the results, set the User Role on the drop-down menu to Any Role to find all users. (You can also use other search criteria to search for a specific individual in the class).
  1. Click Search.
  1. Under the Roles tab, use the drop-down menu to select Proctor, as shown in Figure 2.6.
  1. Under Select users to add in the left pane, choose users to register by clicking the check box.
  1. Click Register.

Now, the added user will be able to access your Class Homepage and use the Proctor Tools utility.

Add a Proctor to Your Class

Figure 2.6: Add a Proctor to Your Class

Note: A user with the role of Proctor (set by an administrator or an instructor with additional privileges) has proctor privileges in any class in which he or she is not registered as a student. This means that such a user does not need to be registered into the class to perform proctor duties in your class.

Deleting a Proctor

To delete a proctor:

  1. From the Class Homepage, select Class User Manager.
  1. Choose Remove Users.
  1. Click Advanced Search, and select Proctor in the drop-down menu under User Role.
  1. Click Search.
  1. Select the check box next to the user you want to remove, and then click Remove.