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1.2 How Maple T.A. Works

User Roles

Each user in the system has a default role as assigned by the administrator. Users can have different roles in different classes. For example, an instructor can be a student in one class, with student privileges in that class, and he or she will have instructor privileges in the class he or she is instructing.

The System Login

Using their user name and password, all users log into Maple T.A. through the same login screen. After users are logged in, they have access to different class homepages or menu items depending on their role in that particular class.

For instructors, the system administrator provides your username and password. The administrator or instructor provides students with a username and password to log in.

Anonymous access allows anonymous users to take a test without logging into Maple T.A. by giving them access to the System Homepage. This feature must be enabled by an administrator. Lastly, Maple T.A. can be configured to allow for self-registration. If this feature is enabled, users will see a link on the login page allowing them to register themselves. Ask the Maple T.A. system administrator at your university about your configuration.

The System Homepage

Your first step is to log into the Maple T.A. system using the username and password provided by the system administrator or course coordinator. Logging into the system brings you to the System Homepage. After you are logged into the system, you can create a new class (if you have sufficient privileges). You can upload a student roster or set open registration so that system users can enroll themselves in your class. For details on creating a class, see Creating a New Class. If you have created any classes, they are listed next on the System Homepage.

System Homepage

Figure 1.1: System Homepage

Additionally, any classes in which you are a student or proctor are also listed, under their own sections. From the System Homepage, click on a class name link to open the Class Homepage.

The Class Homepage

To use Maple T.A. for homework management and online testing in your class, you begin by creating a class. After a class is set up, users can access assignments, quizzes, proctored tests, and results through the Class Homepage.

Students can register in your class if you allow for open enrollment; otherwise you can add students by uploading a student roster or through the Class User Manager.

Instructors access the Class Homepage to:

  • Use pre-existing question banks
  • Create, publish, and manage assignments and units
  • Manage student interactions
  • Manage proctors and authorization of assignments through Proctor Tools
  • Access Gradebook, which records student work and assignment results

After you have created your class, you can upload a student roster or allow students to register themselves in your class. The Class Homepage is used by the instructor, students, and proctors involved in that particular class.

The Class Homepage consists of individual panels representing:

  • Class Details
  • Any Units created for the class, such as Student Readiness and Question Types shown in the image below
  • Standalone questions and assignments.
Class Homepage with Assignment List

Figure 1.2: Class Homepage with Assignment List

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