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5.4 Maple T.A. Proctored Browser

The Maple T.A. Proctored Browser is a full-screen mode that blocks you from accessing external websites or other programs. Your instructor may require use of the Proctored Browser on certain assignments or tests. If an assignment requires the Proctored Browser, this requirement is indicated in the policies link next to the assignment. For more information on policies, see Policies.

Important: Proctored Browser does not work in Internet Explorer®. It is only compatible with Google Chrome™ and Firefox® and with a single screen monitor.

Taking an Assignment using the Proctored Browser

To take an assignment in the Proctored Browser mode:

  1. Log onto Maple T.A. and go to the Class Homepage.
  1. Click on an assignment to start it. (If an assignment's properties require use of the Proctored Browser, clicking on the assignment will produce a message that the Proctored Browser must be used).
  1. Authorize the message shown in Figure 5.3 to enter full-screen Proctored Browser mode.

Authorization Screen for Proctored Browser

Figure 5.3: Authorization Screen for Proctored Browser

  1. During the assignment, the Proctored Browser will be in full-screen mode. This means that other computer programs or web sites cannot be accessed, unless you presse a combination of keystrokes that will exit the full-screen (for example, Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Esc, etc.). If this happens, then you will see a message stating that an email has been sent to the class instructor and you will need re-authorization into the assignment by a proctor or instructor.
  1. When you have finished the assignment, click Submit Assignment. This automatically exits the Proctored Browser mode.