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Searching for a Parameter

The Parameters view of the Model Tree lets you search for parameters that you have defined in any of the following:


Parameter tables


Parameter blocks


Modelica records (for example, Hydraulic Fluid Properties or Magnetic Materials)


To Variable components

To search for a parameter:


From the Palettes Pane, select the Model Tree tab ( ).


Select Parameters from the views list.


Enter a search term in the Find text box.


The model tree automatically updates to show the parameters, components, and subsystems that contain your search term. Matches are highlighted in yellow. Nodes containing parameter definitions that match your search term are automatically expanded.

Additional notes on parameter searches:


When you select a parameter, the Model Workspace view changes to show the component the parameter is defined in and the component is selected in the Model Workspace.


Double-click a parameter to open the parameter table view for that parameter's component or subsystem. From here you can edit the parameter's settings.

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