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Adding an Attachment to a Custom Library

You can add files that (for example, custom component templates or Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets containing a data set) to an existing custom library.  Attachments to a library are handled in the same way as attachments to a model.

To attach a file to a library from the menu bar:


Select Edit > Attach File... .  The Attach Document window appears.


Browse to and select the file you want to attach.


Click Attach... . The file attaches to the Documents category.


Save your library.  By default the file attaches to the Documents category.



If you want to move this attachment to a different category in the palette, you can click and drag the entry.


You can alternatively add a file to a library directly to the desired attachment category selecting the Attached Files tab ( ), right-clicking on the palette name, and then selecting Attach File... .


For more information on working with attachments, see Attaching a File to a Model.

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