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What's New in MapleSim 6: Component Library and Examples

The MapleSim Component Library contains over 200 new components that you can view and use in your simulations.  These components and the operation of each of the components are described in separate Help topics with the appropriate tables and a brief description of the operation.  

In addition MapleSim contains a completely new and revised Examples palette.


The following descriptions pertain to the new components found under the MapleSim Library palette and MapleSim Help.



The Multibody library contains new components to calculate Euler Angles and Forces and Moments for a bushing.



Euler Angles - Calculates the Euler Angles of a frame with respect to ground.


Forces and Moments

Bushing - Applies translational and rotational stiffness and damping in three directions between two frames.


Signal Blocks

The Signal Blocks library contains new components to manipulate or generate input and output signals which include Real Sources, Routing Demultiplexer and Multiplexer, To From Blocks, and Mathematical Functions.




SmoothRamp - Generates a real smooth ramp signal.

ConstantVector - Generates a real constant n-vector signal.




Boolean Demultiplexer - separates a boolean input signal into output signals.

Integer Demultiplexer - separates an integer input signal into output signals.

Real Demultiplexer - separates a real input signal into output signals.



Boolean Multiplexer - combines boolean input signals into an output signal.

Integer Multiplexer - combines integer input signals into an output signal.

Real Multiplexer - combines real input signals into an output signal.


To From Blocks

From Variable - retrieves a variable value as an output signal from a To Variable.

To Variable - assigns the input signal to a From Variable.





Harmonic - Harmonic over specified period.

Mean - Periodic average of the input.

Rectified Mean - Periodic average of the absolute value of input.

Root Mean Square - Root mean square of the input.



MapleSim 6 New and Updated Examples

The MapleSim Library Examples palette contains over 20 new and updated real-world examples and a compilation of some of the best MapleSim examples from different domains to help you get started. These modeling examples combine components from a variety of engineering domains, so that you can build and explore realistic designs and study the system-level interactions and concepts, such as parameter optimization, sensitivity analysis, and linearization.


User's Guide Examples

The User's Guide Examples section contains a comprehensive compilation of instruction-based examples and tutorials from different domains. These MapleSim examples and tutorials are designed to help you get started by introducing you to key features, tools, templates and systems available in MapleSim. By leading you through a series of descriptive tasks these examples and tutorials expose you to expert model-building practices and provide insight into how to construct models from first principles. Instead of building signal-flow diagrams based on abstract mathematical expressions, you will explore how to build system-level models simply by connecting physically meaningful components, such as motors, gears and actuators. You will also explore how to customize and analyze your model with Maple commands, templates, custom components, plotting tools, and many other advanced technical features.



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