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Sending a Maple Worksheet or Document as an Email Attachment


Maple worksheets and documents can be sent as email attachments directly from Maple.


To send the current Maple worksheet or document as an email attachment:


From the File menu, select Send. Your default email (address and server) application opens with the current worksheet attached.


Complete the appropriate fields.


Click Send.



Some mail servers require authentication. The Email Configuration dialog stores all settings but the password after the first invocation of this feature. Note that the password is retained for a session, but not if you restart Maple.


The fields are:


Email Address: Your email address.


Display Name: The plain-text name you want to use (your full name).


Email Server: Your email server. Contact your site administrator, or ISP documentation.


Username: Usually the first part of your email address, used to authenticate with the mail server. Consult your ISP documents/settings.


Password: The password that is usually associated with the username.

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