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InstallerBuilder Options


This help page describes the options accepted by the Build and Interactive commands.


The options are separated into two categories:


Options that control general installer features


Options that control a specific panel in the installer


General Options

Panel Options

General Options


The following options control general installer features.




author = string


Sets the author attribute of the installer. You can view this value using the LibraryTools[Browse] command.




height = nonnegint


Specifies the height of each panel in the installer, in pixels. The default value is 480.




manifest = list(equation)


For example, manifest = [source1 = file1, source2 = file2, ...]


Specifies a list of files to be included in the toolbox installation. The parameter sourceN can be an absolute or relative path to a file to include. The parameter fileN indicates the path of the installation image of the corresponding source file, relative to the directory of the toolbox.




target = string


Specifies the path to which to write the installer (.mla file). It can be an absolute or relative path. By default, the current directory is used.




uninstaller = truefalse


Indicates whether an executable uninstaller is included in the installer. The default value is true.




version = string


Sets version information for the toolbox. By default, there is no version information.




width = nonnegint


Specifies the width of each panel in the installer, in pixels. The default value is 600.

Panel Options


The InstallerBuilder provides a set of built-in panels that display as the user installs the toolbox. Each panel displays or requests specific installation information from the user. Some panels are required. You can display or exclude the other panels. Each panel has attributes that you can customize.


The following options control panel-specific information.

Option Name










License Agreement



Is Network Installation



Is System Installation









For each panel, you can specify the following panel attribute options using the Maplet interface or calling sequence options (with the syntax panel_name=[panel_attribute_option1=value1, panel_attribute_option2=value2, ...]).









active = truefalse or procedure that returns true or false


Specifies whether the panel is displayed (active) during installation. If you specify a procedure, then the panel is displayed only if the result of the procedure call is true.


For the Welcome, Installation, and Finish panels, you cannot set the active attribute; it is always true. For the other panels, the default value is false.




image = string


Specifies an image to show in the installer panel.  The string must be the path to a valid GIF or JPEG image file. By default, no image is displayed.




script = procedure or none


Specifies a procedure to be executed after the panel is closed. If you specify none, no procedure is executed. The default value is none.




text = string or none


Specifies text displayed in the installer panel. It is recommended that you provide information to the user about the toolbox or installation process during installation. If you specify none, no text is displayed. The default value is none.




validate = true or procedure that returns true or false


When the user clicks the Next button, Maple tests this condition. The user cannot proceed to the next panel until the condition is true. The default value is true.

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