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Power-Split HEV

This model represents a power-split HEV model. The model features a physics-based Li-Ion battery pack, an IC engine (mean-value model), electrical motors/generators, a power-controller, a power-split device, and a 14-dof chassis with differential gearbox. The model uses a Pacejka tire model to study the tire/contact patch interaction. The model is tested against the FTP-75 drive cycle.


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Model: Power-Split HEV

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Model Images
  • PowerSplitHEV A power-split HEV model follows a drive cycle to study fuel efficiency and handling.
  • model Model diagram showing the complete vehicle model, including the power electronics and battery subsystems
  • subsystem Subsystem view of the Sayers topology vehicle model
  • plots Simulation results showing spin rate and torque
  • battery The battery model features battery state of charge, charge/discharge profiles, electrochemical diffusion, intercalation, and thermal effects. The model allows the users to investigate the influence of various design parameters such as the choice of electrode materials and battery size on the HEV in different model settings and operating conditions.
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