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Virtual Dynamometer Test

This MapleSim model derives the maximum torque vs speed characteristic curve from a Mean-value engine model (MVEM). To do this, the MVEM was connected to a model of a dynamometer, which is essentially a controlled torque driver that provides a load to the engine. As the load increases, the controller maintains the engine speed by opening the throttle valve to provide more power and compensate for the increased load. Eventually, the throttle valve cannot open any further and the engine begins to stall. The model has logic in to stop the test when this occurs.

The test procedure is then the same for a rest engine/dyno test:

  • run the engine to a steady speed
  • increase the dyno load until the engine stalls, or where the throttle opening is maximized
  • record the load torque at which stall occurs
  • increase the engine speed to the next value and repeat until the maximum speed of the engine is reached.

The whole test could be performed in Maple by looping through the desired engine speeds and the resulting stall points plotted. The resulting torque curve can then be used in the Engine model in the MapleSim Driveline Component Library for applications where simulation executions are more important than incorporating the dynamics of the engine.

This model includes a Maple worksheet for analysis

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Model: Virtual Dynamometer Test

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Model Images
  • VirtualDynamometer Dynamometer results are displayed alongside a model of the system.
  • plot Simulation results showing stall points and maximum torque
  • worksheet Maple document used to create the dynamometer test
  • model Model diagram of engine and dynamometer
  • speed/torque plot Plot showing the Mean-value Engine Torque/Speed Curve