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FMU Distribution

The MapleSim Connector for FMI enables you to convert your MapleSim model to an FMU (Functional Mockup Unit), for seamless incorporation inside another tool.  What you can do with that FMU depends on what kind of license you have.

Standard License

Under the terms and conditions of the Maplesoft End User License Agreement, you have the right to use your FMU, royalty-free, for internal purposes within your own organization.

If you wish to distribute this FMU outside your organization, you must first obtain a FMU Commercial Distribution License from Maplesoft.

Commercial Distribution License

If you have obtained an FMU Commercial Distribution License with Maplesoft, the following terms apply:

  • The FMU Commercial Distribution License (“FMU CDL”) gives YOU (a commercial individual or an Entity purchasing this License Option for a commercial individual or institution) the right to distribute Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) generated by the Software to a Third Party for commercial purposes.
  • This License Option is available to YOU as long as YOU are operating under a valid FMU CDL, according to the terms specified in your Order Confirmation, and YOU have paid all related License Fees to Maplesoft.
  • YOU must retain, in the FMUs that YOU distribute, any license, copyright, trademark, patent, or other notices that are included in the original FMU, as it is generated by the Software.
  • This License Option is an extension to the terms and conditions found in the Maplesoft End User License Agreement, which can be found at All terms and conditions in the Maplesoft End User License Agreement continue to apply under this License Option, except where this FMU CDL provides additional permissions to YOU.

To obtain a Commercial Distribution License for your FMU, please contact Maplesoft.