Maplesoft Solutions for Advanced Financial Modelling

Maplesoft Solutions for Advanced Financial Modelling

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With the growing complexity faced by the finance industry, it is important to meet these demands by using advanced computational systems.

Maplesoft provides the essential mathematical environment for financial and quantitative analysts. With the most powerful symbolic and numeric solvers in the world at their fingertips, analysts can access all of the mathematical, statistical, and connectivity tools required to analyse data, calculate forecasts, estimaterisks, prototype and develop quantitative algorithms, and leverage parallel programming techniques. You will be introduced to Maplesoft’s latest technological advances, giving you the critically needed edge in the most competitive global environment.

Learn about real-time data gathering and connectivity, model simulation and development, high-performance computing, and interactive report generation.

Capabilities include:

  • Data feed connectivity and system integration
  • Price equity and interest rate derivatives
  • Populate reporting tools, deliver documents and share worksheets
  • Optimize portfolios of financial instruments
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Find out how the latest advances are revolutionising the way in which financial professionals are working.