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Analytical Geometry

Analytical Geometry

I. Vaisman


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This volume discusses the classical subjects of Euclidean, affine and projective geometry in two and three dimensions, including the classification of conics and quadrics, and geometric transformations. These subjects are important both for the mathematical grounding of the student and for applications to various other subjects. They may be studied in the first year or as a second course in geometry.

The material is presented in a geometric way, and it aims to develop the geometric intuition and thinking of the student, as well as his ability to understand and give mathematical proofs. Linear algebra is not a prerequisite, and is kept to a bare minimum.

The book includes a few methodological novelties, and a large number of exercises and problems with solutions. It also has an appendix about the use of the computer program MAPLE V in solving problems of analytical and projective geometry, with examples.

Contents: The Algebra of Vectors. Linear Geometry. Quadra

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Language: English
ISBN: 9-810-23158-X
Publisher: World Scientific

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