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Hopalong Attractor

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Hopalong Attractor


Dave Linder

Software Architect, Mathematical Software



Hopalong attractors are fractals, introduced by Barry Martin of Aston University in Birmingham, England).


The point-plot for this application is generated by iterating the following equations, also known as the Martin map:


         x[k+1] = y[k]-sign(x[k])*sqrt(abs(b*x[k]-c))

         y[k+1] = a-x[k]


starting from a choice of three initial points `#msub(mi("x"),mi("1"))`, `#msub(mi("y"),mi("1"))`, and then plotting all the `#msub(mi("x"),mi("i"))`, `#msub(mi("y"),mi("i"))` point pairs.


The application below allows you to explore the Hopalong by varying the parameters a, b and c as well as n the number of iterations, the iterates' symbol size, and the background color choice. You can also change the starting values  `#msub(mi("x"),mi("1"))`, `#msub(mi("y"),mi("1"))` of each of the three orbits by dragging the cross symbols appearing in the plot, but you may need to set the background color to white and reduce n the number of iterations in order to see the crosses more clearly.


Hopalong Attractor




This Application requires at least Maple 18 or the Maple Player 18 in order run.


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