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Maple Tools for Preliminary Cryptanalysis

: Czeslaw Koscielny
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Constantly rising amounts of sensitive data transmitted between computers over the Internet generates the need for cryptography in private sectors. Consequently, many researchers frequently and easily propose new cryptographic systems, advertised as unbreakable. Unfortunately, in many cases proposed systems without the suitable cooperation of cryptographers and cryptoanalysts are designed. It follows from the fact that a cryptanalyst is typically considered (generally unfairly) to be a peeper of the private sector, who only does the industrial and commercial espionage. It is evident that a friendly cryptanalyst can play a useful and etihcal role by discovering ususpected impuissance of a cipher. Therefore, any cryptographer ought either to interact with a tried and trusted cryptanalyst, or use his own cryptographic tools in order to accurately examine the files, representing a plaintext, a cryptographic key and a cryptogram, respectively. But cryptanalysis is the prerogative of governments, cryptanalysts mostly work behind closed doors, and it is difficult to chum with a clever person doing such a secret research. So, generally a cryptographer should verify by himself if and in which extent the statistical properties of a plaintext and of a secret key are transferred to the cryptogram, evaluate the cryptogram's susceptibility to compression and also perform other statistical tests. In order to start his job he ought to apply the tools for preliminary cryptanalysis. As one can expect, many versions of such tools may be constructed using Maple. Then, an example of tools for doing preliminary cryptanalysis in this contribution has been presented. Besides, the way of performing preliminary cryptanalysis of a class of quasigroup synchronous stream ciphers, using presented tools, has also been demonstrated.

Application Details

Publish Date: April 05, 2004
Created In: Maple 9
Language: English

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