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Fractal Rendering of 3D Patches

: Prof. Wieslaw Kotarski
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This worksheet presents examples of fractal rendering of 3D patches and more complex shapes (pyramid, wine glass, vase and a rabbit). To obtain IFS for fractal generation of 3D patches self-similarity and subdivision strategies have been used. Having IFSs for fractal rendering of patches one may use them for fractal generation of any 3D shape that may be presented as a finite collection of single patches. Precisely speaking, we use the so-called PIFS (Partitioned IFS), not IFS, because every patch is modeled separately by its own IFS. This worksheet is the fifth one in the series of earlier authors' worksheets (see: http:/ , http:/ , http:/ , http:/ ) devoted to fractal modeling of shapes of different kinds.

Application Details

Publish Date: May 30, 2006
Created In: Maple 10
Language: English


chaos fractal

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