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Simulated Reality Hologram Matrix State Space (click-through calibration check)

: David Harness
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Simulated Reality Hologram Matrix State Space


New holographic principle approach achieves spacetime, gravitational, electromagnetic uni?cation via Maxwell-Einstein gravitoelectromagnetic total stress energy (mass) density tensor Hilbert (4D ± 4Di) hologram interference ?eld stationary state domain of universal wave function. S-matrix in-states/out-states eigenvalue range, features (moment of inertia x angular velocity) SO(1, 3)ij self-adjoint operator integrations, generating Dirac-Noether conserved angular momentum observables in material coordinates. Fundamental quantum continuum equation returns gravitoelectromagnetic spectrum photon SO(1, 3)yy principle spin axis eigenvalues in units of Maxwell stress tensor pascals. New origin of electron-positron wave-particle mass-charge via energization of SO(1, 3)zz principle spin axis angular momentum, invariant throughout inertial dynamics of electromagnetic and gravitational ?elds being inversely compressive/dispersive of cosmological constant vacuum energy density tensor pressure, according to principle quantum number n. In thought experiment test vs. general theory via pp-waves microlensing problem, wherein light-to-light gravitational attraction is four times matter-to-matter attraction, hypothesis predicts null microlensing result in area general theory known to break down on microscopic scale.

Application Details

Publish Date: July 15, 2010
Created In: Maple 10
Language: English

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