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The elastic prismatic beams on the Winkler foundation

: Prof. Marcin Kaminski
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This script is entirely devoted to the static problem of a deflection of the linear elastic istotropic prismatic beams resting on the homogeneous linear elastic and isotropic foundation. It is demonstrated below how one can symbolically solve the problems of such beams consisting of one, two and three different intervals with spatially varying distributed load applied along the beam, different concentrated forces and moments. It is also possible to define some variability of the bending stiffness as well as the elastic foundation parameter as piecewise constant functions along the beam. This program is able to solve symbolically fourth order differential equations of the beam equilibrium, then - to determine the integration constants from the additional boundary and continuity conditions for the beam intervals. Finally, it computes maxima and minima of deflections, bending moments and shear forces and prepares the diagrams of all those functions. This script may be easily modified to extend the beam analysis towards the structural sensitivity studies and/or reliability analysis for the beams resting on the elastic subsoils.

Application Details

Publish Date: December 21, 2007
Created In: Maple 9.5
Language: English